KM2 Solutions Adds New Layer Of Protection For Employees

PR – As we continue to navigate the changing tides posed by this pandemic, our priorities  remain the same – our employees’ safety and maintaining a clean/hygienic building with  a conducive working environment. Hence, to further improve our sanitization measures,  we have partnered with a local sanitizing company, Electro Defense Solutions, a company  that uses electrostatic technology with disinfecting and sanitizing solutions tested and approved by the Grenada Bureau of Standards. 

Our building is now sanitized on a bi-weekly basis using solutions approved by the EPA  and proven to kill viruses for up to 15 days. 

This new measure is in addition to our already robust protocols implemented since the  introduction of Covid-19 into Grenada. These include temperature checks, shoe sole  disinfection at the main entrances, physical distancing, elevated cleaning procedures,  promoting regular and thorough hand washing/sanitizing, and the wearing of face  mask/shields by all employees and visitors. 

Site Director, Jermaine Denny, is confident that this extra measure will add to employees’  comfort. Commenting on the new initiative, he said, “As we continue to adapt to the  constant changes in the behavior of this virus, it is our duty as an employee-focused  organization, to take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of our employees by  constantly seeking out ways to enhance our safety protocols. We are, therefore, excited  about this engagement as it will assist in keeping all of us safe.” 

To date, our site remains one of the safest on the island. Our protocols have been  observed and lauded by government officials, who recently did a walkthrough of our  facility.