Kite Flying And Aviation Safety 

PR – The Grenada Airports  Authority wishes to advise the general public, that the flying of kites  within the vicinity of the airport is prohibited. Prohibited areas include  but are not limited to Calliste, Frequente, Fort Jeudy, St. Paul’s, Mt.  Parnassus and Mt. Moritz and the vicinity of Lauriston Airport in  Carriacou.  

Flying kites pose a serious threat to aircraft safety as kites can be easily  ingested into aircraft engines or become entangled in aircraft propellers  resulting in engine failure with catastrophic consequences to aircraft  passengers and persons on the ground. 

The Grenada Airports Authority, therefore, urges the general public to  cooperate towards ensuring the safety of aircraft operations into and  out of the Maurice Bishop International Airport.  

The Grenada Airports Authority will be seeking the assistance of the  Royal Grenada Police Force in dealing with violators of this notice. 

Let us all play our part in making this Easter kite flying season a safe one.