Keke Palmer’s Mother Addresses Audio Of Her Saying Usher Is Gay

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Keke Palmer’s mother, Sharon Palmer, has apologized for shading Usher and claiming he was gay in a phone conversation leaked by Darius Jackson amid actress’s latest court order.

Jackson still appears upset at the Palmers, and it seems that he shared the audio to get at Usher in the latest drama between them. A court granted Keke a restraining order against Jackson after she provided evidence that he was abusive to her during their relationship and that he broke into her house and choked her after they broke up last month.

Now, Darius Jackson revealed an audio recording of a telephone conversation he secretly recorded where the elderly Palmer blasted him for being abusive towards her daughter after she attended Usher’s Las Vegas Residency and was serenaded by the famous R&B singer.

In the audio, Sharon, who is also Keke Palmer’s manager, took digs at Jackson’s failing career. “Can you speak English? That’s part of the reason you can’t get no acting jobs, your articulation is poor,” Sharon is heard telling Jackson.

Keke also translated that Jackson was trying to say that her mother messed her up as a child star. “Ok well, we got $30 million for that. What did your mom do for you? She f**ked you up, you should have been a child entertainer, maybe if you were one you would have had more gumption,” she said, adding that his mother made him into a “mama’s boy who harasses a woman.”

Jackson is also heard saying that Keke is to be blamed for wanting him around, but Keke jumps in.

“You’re nuts, there’s no reason for you to say that- Jezebel, that’s all unnecessary because something is wrong with your mind. It’s not normal. You sound like you have a broken brain and you need to go to see somebody because you’re chemically imbalanced. There’s nothing I have done for you to stay on that page. People have endured more and I have endured more from you,” she said, adding that Jackson calls her “randomly have an episode for an hour and then you harass me,” Keke said.

Sharon is also heard saying that “Usher is bi-sexual and he sleeps with men.”

“You the Jacksons are f***ing jokes, so don’t blame Keke for being a joke. You were a joke before you met her. Don’t call her c*nt. What man thinks they can call the mother of their child c*nt, bItches, wh*res, and then is like ‘im gonna come for the baby’ What woman wants their child to go be with a man….” Sharon said.

In the meantime, Sharon apologized for her comments about Usher, where she explained that she was trying to protect her child.

“The lie I told about Usher was to get Drius to stop abusing my daughter on account of his jealousy. So I said he didn’t like women for her SAFETY. Everything else I meant with my chest,” Palmer’s mother wrote in the comments on the Neighborhood Talk.

She also added that Jackson illegally recorded their conversation, and he put his hands on Keke because he didn’t seem to care about possibly going to jail.

“He is still abusing her in all of this, trying to paint himself as a victim. Textbook behavior,” she said.