Kanye West Sued For Sexual Harassment, Wrongful Termination By Former Assistant

(PAGE SIX) – Kanye West’s former assistant sued him for sexual harassment and wrongful termination, according to court documents obtained by Page Six.

In the filing, Lauren Pisciotta shared that she started working with the disgraced rapper in July 2021 as he prepared to launch his Yeezy fashion line.

The influencer — who also collaborated with West on a few “Donda” songs — was offered $1 million for the job. The only condition was that she would be available to the “Heartless” crooner 24 hours a day, seven days a week — which she accepted.

In her lawsuit, Pisciotta detailed that she was also making an additional $1 million from OnlyFans until West, 46, asked her to be more “God Like” and delete her account in 2022.

In return, West allegedly raised the model’s salary to $2 million a year to compensate for the lost income. However, he allegedly never adjusted her salary.

Shortly after her raise, the father of four allegedly started sending her vulgar text messages.

“See my problem is I be wanting to f–k but then after I f–k I want a girl to tell me how hard they been f–ked while I’m f–ing them. Then I want her to cheat on me,” one of the text messages allegedly read.

Along with the crude messages, he allegedly shared explicit details of sexual acts he wanted to experience, as well as photos and videos of West having intercourse with other women.

Pisciotta also allegedly received intimate photos of “current and former” Yeezy employees — both “men and women” — from West.

In the lawsuit, Pisciotta detailed multiple other incidents with the “Bound 2” singer, which included him allegedly masturbating while they were on the phone, asking about her boyfriends’ penis sizes and even allegedly forcing her “to remove her cardigan while she was in the office because he said ‘it was covering too much.’”

In another instance, he allegedly locked them in a room together and masturbated next to her before falling asleep. She also claimed that he got angry after she shut down any advances to “date or have sex” with him.

By September 2022, Pisciotta was promoted to Chief of Staff of several of West’s companies and offered a $4 million salary. However, just a month later, he fired her.

Pisciotta was offered $3 million in severance, which she also allegedly never received.

Now, in her lawsuit, Pisciotta is seeking compensation for breach of contract and hostile work environment.

Reps for West weren’t immediately available to Page Six for comment.

West’s latest legal battle comes more than a month after he was accused of firing a former black employee because of the color of his skin.

According to the filing obtained by Page Six, Benjamin Deshon Provo was employed to work as a security guard at the Grammy winner’s Christian school, Donda Academy, in August 2021.

During his employment, Provo alleged that West “screamed at and berated black employees” and “regularly expressed negative beliefs associated with prominent black leaders.”