Kanye West Faces $30 Million Lawsuit From His Sunday Service Crew

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Kanye West is being sued by members of his popular Sunday Service cast after he allegedly failed to pay them.

Two class action lawsuits have been filed against the influential rapper turned independent politician, alleging mistreatment of his performers and staff of his extravagant Sunday Service. Kanye West stunned fans when he took a turn towards Christianity in 2019, launching an album of gospel music and doing several live shows of the popular Sunday Service.

The cast and crew, along with Kanye West, traveled to various locations, including Jamaica, where they held his Sunday Service. The lawsuits were filed in the summer of 2020 are represents the performers and crew. The representative for the claimants is named Frank Kim, and he is claiming for 500 performers, while attorneys Harris & Ruble are concentrating on the payment owed to approximately 300 crew members.

Claims of horrible behavior against Kanye West are not new after details by a hairstyle disclosed that it took 120 days for her to be paid $550 but what was even worse was that Kanye’s company also deducted the wire transfer fee from the hairstylist’s earnings.

One allegation by a performer says that he was paid a flat rate of $250 a day regardless of his hours, and he was subjected to grueling conditions such as not being permitted a meal or bathroom breaks, the performers stood all day or had to sit to floors because adequate seating arrangements were not made for them.

The suit also says Kanye’s failure to pay staff violated California labor laws for his show “Nebuchadnezzar held at Hollywood Bowl in November 2019, where employees were not paid on time while some did not even receive any pay. They were also denied overtime, meal, and bathroom breaks.

According to PageSix, attorneys for the claimants believe that there are at least 1,000 claimants in total, and they are trying to track down the other 500 of them to add to the claim.

The lawsuits have been joined by the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and according to some estimates, Kanye West is liable for around $30 million in total expenses if he chooses to fight the claim.

The lawsuits for Sunday Service continues to pile up with a different one filed for Sunday Service related technology from MyChannel Inc, where the claimants claim lack of payment for six months of work. The claimants say that Kanye’s failure to pay amounts to theft of its technology.