Judge Orders Release Of Jamaican Who Was Imprisoned In Barbados For Quarantine Breaches

(CMC)— The Court of Appeal in Barbados on Thursday ordered that a Jamaican man, Dean George Scott, who breached the island’s COVID-19 quarantine regulations, be released from prison

This decision was handed down by Chief Justice Sir Patterson Cheltenham and Justices of Appeal Rajendra Narine and Margaret Reifer.

Scott, 49, a mason, who was a guest at Crystal Beach Hotel, pleaded guilty before Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes to contravening Paragraph (14) of the Emergency Management (Covid-19) Curfew No 4 Directive as while in quarantine at the St Lucy District Hospital, he left the facility on December 7, 2020 without a reasonable explanation.

When Scott appeared in court at a later date in December, a six-month sentence was imposed after the Jamaican begged for community service, saying he had enough money to buy his ticket to return home, but not enough pay a fine.

Based on his inability to pay the fine, a custodial sentence was imposed.

However, his attorneys disagreed with the decision and filed an appeal. They then argued, among other things, that the imposition of a prison term was excessive.

However, prosecutors argued that the sentence was proportionate given the gravity of the offence having regard to all of the circumstances.

Scott’s appeal was then upheld.

In handing down the, Cheltenham said Scott should be freed by the prison once all health protocols were satisfied.