‘Jealous’ Jamaican Man Allegedly Kills Ex-Girlfriend In Canada

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A Jamaican man living in Canada has been charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend just days before her birthday.

Troy Moulton, 33, of Whitby, Ontario, is believed to have killed Latonya Anderson on Saturday in a jealous rage. Anderson, who was also a native of Jamaica, would have celebrated her 35th birthday on Wednesday.

According to the Durham Regional Police, approximately 9:00 pm on Saturday, Moulton arrived at its Central West Division headquarters in Whitby to report an incident. The conversation prompted cops to visit a home in Kressman Court where Anderson was found “not breathing”.

According to the police, life saving measures were performed but Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene. The cops did not reveal how Anderson had been harmed. However, Moulton was subsequently charged with second degree murder.

In posts to his social media accounts, Moulton purportedly accuses Anderson of cheating on him and kicking him out of the home where he had resided with the now deceased and her mother.

“To see how Latonya running me and tell me to move out…I couldn’t believe I would live to see her treat me like that,” the post stated.

“I am the husband of her and am in the house with her and to see Latonya making plan with a next man for her birthday… it’s killing me inside and I was acting mad because of she going out with a next man and provoking me about it,” the post continued, adding “… am sorry for killing her. I love her and I can’t imagine her with a next man.”

The post went on to state “I(t) wasn’t easy to walk away plus I have nowhere to go and I tried to find a room to live but it didn’t work out and I have to stay in that devil house and take all the stress and headache.

“For the pass 3 weeks I dont eat I dont sleep I was going crazy… am sorry not even Jesus could help me to walk away,” the post continued.

An Observer Online source said both Moulton and Anderson grew up in the same community in Spanish Town, St Catherine, and then they later migrated to Canada.

Anderson leaves behind a 12-year-old son, according to GoFundMe account launched to assist her family with funeral expenses.