James Beard Foundation Brings ‘A Culinary Symphony’ To Grenada For First Ever Dining Experience Outside Of The US

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority has announced a partnership with award-winning chef, restaurateur, author and raconteur Alexander Smalls for a historic collaboration that spotlights Grenada’s rich food history. “A Culinary Symphony: Celebrating African Foodways In The Spice Isle” is an epicurean event endorsed by the James Beard Foundation – a non-profit beacon of excellence in the global culinary industry. The intimate experience will take place on Thursday 18th May 2024 and will feature a powerhouse cast of chefs from Grenada and the United States. With the goal of showcasing the wealth and depth of Grenada’s culinary prowess, this dinner event will be the first of its kind taking place outside of North America.

“This groundbreaking partnership between Chef Smalls and the James Beard Foundation and the Grenada Tourism Authority is a delicious celebration of global food culture, led by Grenadian and American champions who elevate the standard of good food driven by talent, equity and sustainability. Each chef brings a unique culinary perspective, blending traditional Grenadian ingredients with innovative techniques to create dishes that tantalize the taste buds, ignite the senses, and pay tribute to the dynamic heritage of Grenada,” notes Randall Dolland, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority. 

CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Petra Roach, is thrilled to continue the meaningful spirit of collaboration by shaping public-private partnerships around sustainable practices for Grenada’s local and diaspora communities. “With community tourism, food security and responsible consumption all current and pressing topics in the industry, Grenada is stepping up to the plate and turning the tide by putting its longstanding culinary traditions to practice,” she explains. She notes that initiatives such as this are a part of a transformational agenda to empower young chefs as ambassadors to Grenada. “This partnership with Chef Alexander Smalls and the James Beard Foundation showcases our ongoing commitment to provide opportunities for the island’s best culinary talent, while challenging the ways in which we think about food, the impact of Grenada’s exports such as the nutmeg, and our combined efforts for cultural preservation.”

As Grenada celebrates 50 years of Independence in 2024, guests will be invited to an authentic cultural experience set against the breathtaking backdrop of Grenada’s lush landscapes and azure waters. This dinner is the culmination of a four-day culinary extravaganza that will invite discerning food enthusiasts to savor the finest creations of acclaimed American chefs, in concert with some of Grenada’s talented chefs, such as Belinda Bishop and Andre Bernard. One of the acclaimed American chefs, Cleophus Hethington, is best known for overhauling the critically-acclaimed Benne On Eagle and is eagerly looking forward to his first visit to Grenada in over a decade. “I definitely can appreciate Grenada’s emergence as a producer of high-quality cocoa beans in recent years,” he asserts. He also believes that Grenada’s spice plantations, chocolate artisans, and rum distilleries continue these traditions, attracting visitors eager to explore the island’s rich culinary heritage.

Chef Belinda Bishop believes that Grenada brings a powerful alchemy that will redefine the Caribbean culinary community. “Food is such an important part of our community experience, and this collaboration between the GTA and the James Beard Foundation is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us as Grenadian chefs,” she explains. From sourcing local ingredients to enjoying the range of spices that our island offers, she welcomes the opportunity to bring these traditions to life through the dishes that are served and show the world how truly special Grenada is.