Jamaica: Man Allegedly Threatens To Kill Mom, Son Before Torching Their House

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – A St James man, who allegedly threatened to chop up a woman and her son and burn down their house, is to return to court on March 29 when the matter is expected to be heard.

Ceston Campbell appeared in the St James Parish Court on Wednesday to answer to a charge of threat.

According to the allegations read in court, on March 2, Campbell threatened to kill the complainant and her son by “chopping them up and burning down their house”.

The court documents showed that Campbell threatened to kill the complainant’s son because he suspected the boy of stealing money from his house.

The court was further told that the woman, who was terrified of the threat, spent the night in a bathroom until police arrived at 7:00 am.

When cautioned by the police, Campbell reportedly said: “A friend ting this… a friend ting…Mi nuh want unuh say nutten to mi because a unuh girlfriend…a 18 years mi do [in prison], and mi will do a next 18.”

Following the reading of the allegations before Parish Judge Sasha-Marie Smith-Ashley, Campbell made some comments in court about what had transpired, but he could not be heard clearly.

The judge then rescheduled the case for March 29 to allow the complainant to be present in court to determine how to proceed.

Campbell, who is out on bail, had his bail extended.

Under the Offences Against the Person Act, Campbell can face a sentence not exceeding 10 years, with or without hard labour if found guilty of issuing the threat.