Jah Cure Files Appeal To Overturn Attempted Manslaughter Conviction

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Jah Cure’s attorney has formally filed an appeal in a Dutch court.

Just over two months after the Roots Reggae Rock singer was sentenced to 6 years in jail for attempted manslaughter of a Dutch promoter in the Netherlands, his defense attorney filed an appeal to strike out the conviction.

On Monday (June 6), Jah Cure‘s lawyer filed an appeal seeking to have his conviction overturned. According to the Jamaica Observer, the Netherlands Prosecution Service confirmed the latest development in the case.

“There is no date yet scheduled for the hearing as the appeal case is still in a rather preliminary phase,” Tuscha Essed, press officer of the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, said. “However, both prosecution and defense have appealed the lower court’s verdict.”

Jah Cure was convicted on March 22 for attempted manslaughter. The court had arrived at its decision after listening to damning voice notes where Jah Cure spoke about his plans to murder the promoter over money owed to him. In one particular voice note, he allegedly threatened to stab the promoter 60,000 times. The prosecutor was initially gunning for 8 years behind bars

The Public Prosecution Service, which had demanded eight years in prison, claimed that the Grammy-winning artist had a preconceived plan to maim or kill the promoter. They were unsuccessful in getting him convicted on a charge of attempted murder as the judge found the evidence to not be strong enough for that charge. It was, however, considered strong enough evidence to prove that he was guilty of the lesser charge of attempted manslaughter.

In the meantime, Cure’s legal team is not the only one appealing. The prosecution has also appealed the sentence and verdict as they want him to face the maximum sentence for attempted murder.

Jah Cure is being represented by attorney Jan-Hein Kuijpers. The Notice of Appeal filed by Kuijpers has not disclosed the grounds on which the appeal is filed, and according to the laws in that country, the reasons outlining the appeal will be filed at a later date, after which the prosecution will respond before a date for the hearing is set, and the matter is decidedly heard.

The sentence marks the second time Jah Cure is serving prison time for a violent crime. The reggae crooner spent 8 years in prison in Jamaica for a conviction of rape, firearm possession, and robbery in 1999. He was sentenced to serve 15 years but was released early.

While in prison, he recorded a string of hits, including “True Reflections,” “Longing For,” “Love Is,” and “Dem Na Build Great Man,” featuring Fantan Mojah.