Jada Kingdom Takes Aim At Stefflon Don In Scathing ‘London Bed’ Diss Track

(JAMAICA OBSERVER) – Curious and intrigued by the unfolding drama in the dancehall scene, fans are closely following the escalating feud between Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don.

The lyrical exchange, which started over the weekend, intensified with Kingdom’s diss track, “London Bed,” targeting Stefflon Don over alleged personal matters, including an alleged botched tummy tuck and her relationship with Nigerian artiste Burna Boy.

The clash has enlivened the entertainment scene, with social media buzzing about the ongoing spat between the two prominent female dancehall artists.

In an early-morning release on Tuesday, Kingdom launched a scathing verbal assault on Stefflon, which once again ignited the dancehall sphere. The verbal exchange began over the weekend when Stefflon Don dropped a track on Rvssian’s Dutty Money Riddim, stating she had a physical retaliation (box) saved for the woman involved with her man.

Kingdom, catching wind of the track and the social media buzz, took to Instagram Live, seeking confirmation from Stefflon Don regarding the track’s target.

In response, Stefflon Don revisited the track, explicitly referencing Kingdom. The single, “Dat A Dat,” identified Kingdom as “Twinki” (Twinkle), a nickname Jada has long embraced.

Now armed with confirmation about the track’s target, Kingdom unleashed her full fury on Tuesday with the release of “London Bed.” In this scathing single (currently trending on X, formerly known as Twitter), Kingdom critiqued Stefflon Don’s alleged tummy tuck and alleged that Stefflon Don failed to satisfy Burna Boy during their relationship.

Kingdom also boldly confirmed her fling with the Last Last singer, stating that she gladly took her turn with Stefflon Don’s ex.

“Half a milli inna pounds, jet to Paris. Couple Birkin bag, a new watch pon mi wrist…Invest inna property and watch the money flip. It’s just a normal day, trickin’ on a bad b*tch . I got my turn and gladly tek it. So weh yuh a go do bout that,” Kingdom spits in the song.

London Bed currently holds the number eight spot on local YouTube charts, while Stefflon Don’s Dat A Dat, released a day earlier, is in the number nine spot.

The clash between the two artists has injected life into the entertainment scene, with fans keeping score on who currently holds the upper hand. While fans await Stefflon Don’s response, Jada Kingdom has made it clear she has no interest in prolonging the ‘tit-for-tat squabble’ with her fellow artiste.

In an Instagram story posted shortly after releasing London Bed, Kingdom declared that the ‘war is over’ for her, emphasising her contentment in a happy and healthy relationship and her unwillingness to continue the feud.

“For everyone who’s saying ‘war start’, war jus done! Well, for me that is,” the singer wrote. “I’m in a happy and healthy relationship now, I won’t be prolonging this nonsense.”