Investment Migration Agency Grenada To Host Third Public Symposium 

PR – The Investment Migration Agency Grenada (IMA Grenada), formerly  known as the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit, is delighted to announce its third upcoming public  symposium, titled “Understanding Investment Migration”. The event will take place on Tuesday 25th June 2024,  commencing at 5:30 PM at the Westerhall Secondary School. 

This symposium highlights IMA Grenada’s ongoing commitment to enhancing awareness and comprehension of  Grenada’s Investment Migration Programme. As part of an expansive series, which includes visits to each parish of  Grenada, this event is tailored to engage and inform residents from all corners of the nation. 

Featuring a lineup of expert facilitators from both IMA Grenada and the broader industry, attendees can expect to  gain invaluable insights into the benefits and operational intricacies of the Programme. From debunking common  myths to providing a comprehensive overview of its general operation, the symposium promises to be both  enlightening and educational. 

“At the Agency, we are dedicated to shedding light on investment migration in Grenada,” said Mr. Thomas Anthony,  CEO of IMA Grenada. “Our aim is to ensure that all Grenadians have a thorough understanding of the Programme which serves as a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth and development.” 

IMA Grenada extends an invitation to all residents of the St. David parish and neighbouring communities to join the  symposium, where they will have the opportunity to gain clarity on the Programme, dispel misconceptions, and pose  any questions they may have. For more information on the Programme, please visit