Investment Migration Agency Grenada (IMA Grenada) Celebrates Success of Public Symposium in St. David 

PR – The Investment Migration Agency Grenada (IMA Grenada) concluded its  third public symposium on Tuesday, June 25th, 2024, at the Westerhall Secondary School with resounding success.  The symposium, part of the “Understanding Investment Migration” Public Symposium Series, was attended by  residents of St. David, neighboring communities, and participants online, marking a significant step in enhancing  awareness about Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. 

Hosted by Ms. Margaret Wilkinson, attorney-at-law, the symposium featured distinguished experts from the  investment migration industry, including Mr. Richard Duncan, Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment  Committee; Mr. Thomas Anthony, CEO of IMA Grenada; and Mrs. Esther Nyack Alexis, CEO of Grenada Investment  Partners Inc. The event provided comprehensive insights into the Citizenship by Investment Programme, covering  its process, benefits, and dispelling misconceptions. 

Mr. Thomas Anthony highlighted the Programme’s pivotal role in Grenada’s economy, stating, “In 2023, this  Programme contributed over 80% of non-tax revenue. Therefore, it is crucial that the Grenadian population  understands its benefits and is informed to counter myths and negative perceptions.” In review of the recent  symposium, he also said, “We are delighted with the turnout and active participation from the community in St. David as these symposiums are instrumental in fostering transparency and understanding about the Citizenship by  Investment Programme.” 

The symposium forms part of IMA Grenada’s broader initiative to educate the public about investment migration,  targeting each parish across Grenada. Following the successful event in St. David, the Agency plans to continue its  mission with a symposium in Carriacou in July 2024. 

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