interCaribbean Airways Consolidates Operations In Barbados Via FlightSupport Ltd

PR – The management of interCaribbean Airways is excited to announce the commencement of the airline’s full operations in Barbados with FlightSupport Ltd, a subsidiary of the InterIsland Aviation Services Group (IASG). Effective December 1. This strategic move will bring better operational control and efficiencies to strengthen the airline’s presence and services in Barbados and the Southern Caribbean enhancing connectivity and flight options for travellers in the region.

FlightSupport Ltd., under the leadership of its Founder and Chairman Mr. Lyndon Gardiner, who also serves as Chairman of interCaribbean Airways, provides above – and below-wing support to a wide range of scheduled air carriers. With a 28 year history of excellence providing complete ground handling services, Mr. Gardiner has led FlightSupport to earn numerous accolades and commendations from airline partners for the company’s commitment to excellence in customer service.

As Barbados serves as interCaribbean Airways’ hub for the Southern Caribbean, this transition to full “in-house” operations by FlightSupport Ltd. solidifies and expands the airline’s presence in the Southern Caribbean region. By providing end-to-end service and seamless connectivity, interCaribbean Airways is doubling down on its commitment to Barbados and enhancing the travel experience through this growing regional hub. Shifting from third-party contractors to the experienced FlightSupport team, empowers the airline to deliver superior service, efficiency and reliability for travellers both in Barbados and connecting onwards throughout the region.

“We are thrilled to be able to manage our full operations in Barbados finally,” said Mr. Lyndon Gardiner, Chairman and Founder of FlightSupport and interCaribbean Airways. “Barbados is a valued and critical partner to us, and a key destination and hub for interCaribbean Airways. Given our commitment to providing seamless travel experiences to our passengers in the region, having FlightSupport Ltd with a presence in Barbados will undoubtedly improve our reputation on reliability, and efficiency for service in this region.”

FlightSupport Ltd is leading interCaribbean Airways’ employment recruitment drive to hire new team members in Barbados and bolster its local and regional teams. By recruiting and developing talent in the region, the airline is creating new jobs while growing its workforce with specialized skills to enhance its operations.