Inland Revenue Division Outreach And 5% Rebate Deadline

PR –  Taxpayers and the general public are informed  that a Satellite Office will be set up by the Inland Revenue Division on Friday  30th June at the Esplanade Mall in St. George, from 8:30am to 4:00pm. 

This is in an effort to promote tax awareness and to accommodate people who  want to pay their taxes.  

Additionally, property owners who wish to benefit from the 5% discount on  their 2023 Property Tax, are reminded that the deadline for payment is almost  here, and as such, are encouraged to take full advantage of the limited opportunity for the rebate, and pay their property taxes on or before Friday  30th, June 2023. 

Taxpayers can also pay via the online platform at to avoid the  anticipated long lines at the Financial Complex on the Carenage.