Incident Involving Emergency Workers at Vehicle Check Point (VCP)

PR – The Royal Grenada Police Force in an effort to controlling the flow of traffic at a vehicle checkpoint during curfew hours at the Government House Roundabout, initiated several road blockages in that area.

Preliminary investigations into a video in circulation and an allegation made by a supposed eye witness on GBN television newscast on Tuesday 8th February, 2021, which alleged that the ambulance on an emergency run was denied access and delayed deliberately at a vehicle checkpoint, are misleading and does not give a true account of the entire encounter. Based on evidence obtained, the emergency workers on route from the Lucas Street direction heading towards the White Gun area, on encountering the police at the checkpoint, uttered insulting remarks to the officers on duty.

Based on their initial comments expressing their displeasure with the police enforcing the Emergency Powers Act; on their return, which was not an emergency, the driver of the ambulance and his assistant refused to use the free lane that was kept open to facilitate the flow of traffic, and pulled into another lane that was coned off to control vehicles passing through the checkpoint. They exited the ambulance and demanded the officers to clear the cones to facilitate the ambulance to pass. The officers directed them to utilize the free lane and these emergency workers refused to comply for several minutes, again made use of insulting language to the officers and attempted to move the cones in a lane that was secured, which is apparent in the video circulating. At no time, was the ambulance was restricted from passing.

The RGPF is extremely disappointed with the conduct of the emergency workers over the entire encounter, and as a matter of procedure always respects emergency workers and vehicles in carrying out their duties.

We continue to work with all stakeholders and encourage cooperation and understanding of every member of the public, in our law enforcement efforts.

Investigations into the encounter are ongoing, which may result in criminal charges.