Illinois Brothers Living In Feces-Covered Home Admit Mom, Sister Were Buried In Yard For Years

(NEW YORK POST) – Two Illinois brothers were arrested after they admitted the bodies of their mother and sister had been buried for years in the backyard of their filthy House of Horrors.

One brother cited “financial reasons” why they buried the bodies in the eyesore house in Lyons, which was filled with containers of feces and urine — and so much clutter that the brothers had to use a window to get in and out, reports said.

Police arrested Michael and John Lelko after they discovered containers buried in their backyard believed to contain the remains.

Excavations began at the home after the brothers — aged 45 and 41 and living in “deplorable” conditions — showed police the exact location where the bodies were buried, according to The Chicago Sun Times.

One of the sons told police that their sister, who suffered from mental illness, pushed their 72-year old mother down the stairs in 2015. She sustained a head injury and said she would be OK, but died days later, the brother allegedly said, according to The Sun Times.

Four years later in 2019, they buried the body of their sister in the yard, they told police.

“They were pretty detailed about what they did to the bodies, how they packaged it and how they put the bodies in the ground,” Lyons Police Chief Tom Herion told the paper.

Police were originally tipped off to the home after the mother and sister had not been seen in years, and their water had not been used for years.

Herion said the home was filled with trash, containers of human feces and urine while neighbors said the yard was overgrown and unkempt. Herion called it a “very sad situation.”

The brothers were sitting in lawn chairs on the property during the excavation when they were handcuffed by law enforcement, the Sun Times reported.

The brothers have not yet been formally charged. Concealing a death would be a felony charge, the report stated.

Herion told The Sun Times he believed the brothers came forward about burying their family members because “they found out that this house was going to be condemned” and “they wanted to get ahead of it.”

Neighbors described the brothers as “antisocial” and they were both reportedly given mental and physical medical evaluations before their arrests.