IICA Delegation In Grenada Empowers Female Agribusiness Entrepreneurs Through UN Women Project

PR – The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on  Agriculture (IICA) Delegation in Grenada is pleased to announce the successful completion of an  impactful training programme designed to empower female agribusiness entrepreneurs. The initiative,  facilitated through the UN Women Project, “Training and Capacity Development – Women  Empowerment in a Strengthened Agriculture Sector”, has provided essential skills and knowledge to  20 women in the areas of Record Keeping, Post Harvest and Integrated Pest Management, and  Beginner and Intermediary QuickBooks. 

The UN Women Project, “Training and Capacity Development – Women Empowerment in a  Strengthened Agriculture Sector” is part of a broader effort to foster gender equality and female  empowerment within the agricultural value chain. It is designed to improve the livelihoods of women  working in agriculture while promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth.The training  program which was organized by IICA, with support of UN Women, demonstrates IICA’s commitment  to promoting gender equality and strengthening the role of women in the agriculture sector. 

Highlights of the Training Programme 

Record Keeping: Participants gained valuable insights into effective record-keeping practices, enabling  them to maintain organized and accurate financial records for their agribusiness operations. 

Post Harvest and Integrated Pest Management: The training equipped participants with essential  knowledge in post-harvest handling, storage, and pest management, ensuring the preservation of the  quality and quantity of their agricultural produce. 

QuickBooks Training: Beginner and Intermediary QuickBooks training sessions empowered the  participants with the skills to manage their financial transactions, budgets, and business accounts  efficiently. 

The training sessions were conducted by expert facilitators with extensive experience in agribusiness  and finance. The participants actively engaged in hands-on learning, group discussions, and practical  exercises, fostering a dynamic and collaborative learning environment. 

The IICA Delegation in Grenada is highly appreciative of the support provided by UN Women and  remains committed to creating opportunities for female agribusiness entrepreneurs to excel. This  training program is a testament to the potential, talent, and innovation that women bring to the  agriculture sector. By equipping them with these critical skills, we are not only supporting their 

businesses but also contributing to the overall growth and resilience of the agricultural industry in  Grenada. 

The IICA Delegation in Grenada extends its gratitude to UN Women for their steadfast support in  making this initiative a resounding success. Through partnerships and collaborations like these, the  agriculture sector in Grenada is poised for a brighter and more equitable future.