Igniting Innovation: Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp Shapes Young Minds For The Future

PR – Imagine a space where creativity flourishes, where young minds aged 10 to 15 come together not just to learn, but to innovate, dream, and understand themselves more deeply. That’s exactly the atmosphere that buzzed through the halls of House of Practice in Le Marquis Complex, the vibrant venue for the ‘Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp.’

This pulsating 5-day camp wasn’t just a workshop, but a thrilling journey of self-discovery and inspiration. Wrapped in a dynamic blend of interactive experiences, the camp brought together art, creative writing, mindfulness, self-defence, and even conflict resolution, giving every participant a chance to shine.

Reflecting on their unique experience, one of the campers enthusiastically shared, “I learned some new things and it’s been inspiring and it helped me think about my future and my business in the future”. Another camper expressed how it helped her break out of her shell, “The camp is very wonderful and it’s teaching me how not to be shy around other people.”

Speakers, who were once in their shoes, shared their real-life experiences and provided pearls of wisdom. Encouraging the campers to craft their own business plan, to identify their passion and convert it into a career, these talks were not just insightful but also a motivational boost.

Kayo, the brilliant master coordinator behind the camp, was enthusiastic and proud of the outcome of the camp and the transformative journey that the kids have embarked on “witnessing their ideas come alive, their confidence grow and their skills blossom throughout this camp has been an incredibly rewarding experience. We are thrilled to be part of their transformative journey, paving the way for the future leaders of Grenada”.

The ‘Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp’ was not simply about imparting knowledge; it was about lighting a spark, nurturing individuality, and fostering a platform where every voice is heard and valued.

A staunch believer in the power, creativity, and growth potential of everyone, dr. akasha, the co-founder of House of Practice, along with his life partner, Annesa Saunders, joyfully shared his feelings on the camp. “Seeing these young minds not just participate, but thrive, has reinforced our belief in the power of youth. Their boundless energy, curiosity and eagerness to learn is not just inspiring, it’s a powerful reminder of the importance of such initiatives in shaping our future. Kayo has done a great job coordinating this first camp. Big thanks to our team of instructors and our sponsors, who shared their experiences and resources to help make this camp happen. There is more to come.”

Innovative, engaging, fun and powerfully inspiring, the ‘Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp’ ignited the entrepreneurial flame within Grenada’s budding leaders, laying a solid foundation for the country’s future innovators.

The response from the campers and their growth within this short time has been inspirational for the team behind the Imagine Grenada Camp. With such a strongly positive reception, Grenada can be sure that Imagine Grenada will be back to help shape our young minds their way!

The young participants’ astounding growth and heartfelt responses have left the team behind Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp deeply moved and inspired. Seeing the seeds of innovation take root in such a short span is a testament to the program’s efficacy and the boundless potential of our young participants.

The next camp is planned for December 2023. Spots for the camp are limited due to the high degree of attention and support each participant receives. Contact Kayo at 403-4814, by email at houseofpractice@sawubona.gd, or on Instagram as @thehouseofpractice if you would like to learn more about Imagine Grenada Entrepreneur Camp and secure a spot for your child.