Health Authorities Stand By COVID-19 Treatment And Discharge Protocols At The General Hospital

PR – The Ministry of Health stands by its protocols for the  treatment and discharge from hospital of COVID-19 patients. 

Responding to claims made in a series of videos circulating on social media and during  an interview on the programme, Ridealong Live, the Ministry of Health asserts that there  are requisite protocols which are duly followed when a COVID-19 case is confirmed or  present in the hospital environment. 

In keeping with health protocols, persons testing positive for COVID-19 are isolated and  treated for their presenting symptoms. 

When the patient is sufficiently stable, the protocols provide for their discharge from  hospital, with advice to continue treatment at home and to self-isolate for a further seven  days. COVID-19 patients are therefore advised to ensue adherence to these guidelines  to help prevent further spread of the virus. 

Health officials continue to monitor discharged COVID-19 patients and will provide  medical clearance at the appropriate time.  

The public is advised to avoid any physical contact with persons known to have tested  positive for COVID-19, for the duration of their illness. 

Further, the public is advised to follow all recommended COVID-19 protocols for their own  safety. These include wearing a mask or other facial covering when in public, maintaining  physical distance and avoiding mass gatherings, as well as frequently washing or  sanitising hands.