GTA Statement On Grenlec/GOG

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) Board of Directors welcomes the recent press release by the  Government of Grenada highlighting the fact that the arbitration between Government and WRB is now  settled, and work can now begin as it relates to the process of energy sector reform. 

The GTA is well aware of the implications high energy costs can have on the overall success of the  tourism industry. Compared with other destinations, the cost of energy in Grenada has a  disproportionately high impact on room rates thus making the destination less competitive and more price inelastic. In order for us to market our nation as a world class destination, our service providers have to be  able to produce without being burdened with high energy costs. This in turn should lead to benefits like  more profitable hotels; higher wages for workers; more money for training and reinvestment in upgrades  and expansion. 

We also welcome the potential thrust towards more renewable energy being a major objective of this  reform. Grenada’s Pure Grenada brand is predicated on a clean and pristine environment and as such renewable energy should be a major part of this. 

The renewable sector also has the potential to attract more “green tourists” who are increasingly more  concerned about the carbon footprint being left by tourism. Finally, this should also enable Government  to access more green climate funding which can lead to investment in major capital projects which impact  tourism. We hope that our operators no matter size or niche, are able to take advantage of these new  reforms to ensure long term sustainability.