Grenlec Statement On Island-wide Outage 

PR – Grenlec apologises for the island-wide service interruption that occurred on  Monday, 28 August 2023 at 12: 36 PM. This was due to the accidental operation of a switching  device, which triggered a chain of events resulting in the disruption of services across mainland  Grenada.  

Once the cause was identified, our technical team immediately began working to rectify the  situation and restore services.  

The restoration process involved multiple checks on the generating units and the supporting  auxiliary equipment to ensure that the plant was brought back to full capacity safely, hence the  time it took to restore full service to our customers. 

We want to assure all stakeholders that we are taking all necessary measures to prevent such  incidents from occurring in the future. This includes reviews of our procedures. 

We understand the inconvenience that this outage caused to all our customers and again, we  extend our sincere apologies, and appreciate your patience and understanding. Rest assured  that our commitment to providing reliable and uninterrupted service remains unwavering.