GRENLEC Presents Redesigned ElectricIty BilIl

PR – The Grenada Electricity Services (Grenlec) is pleased to present a redesigned electricity bill that will take effect from 1 September 2023.

The redesign of the electricity bill prepares Grenlec to facilitate proposed changes to the electricity tariff that will be implemented by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in October 2023.

Casandra Slocombe, Customer Services Manager indicated that given the Company’s commitment to improving customers’ experience, Grenlec took the opportunity to improve the design of the bill.

Key features of the Redesigned Bill:
• Customers’ bills are customised to include elements relevant to them. Easier to Follow

• See frequently used information such as the bill amount and account Identification
numbers at-a-glance.
• Shows how customers’ electricity charges were calculated using their actual usage and the non-fuel and fuel charges for the billing period.
Redesigned Usage History
• Includes a chart that shows the six-month daily average usage, the most accurate
indicator of increases or reductions in customers’ consumption.
• Shows customers’ average consumption over the prior 6 months and the last year.

Slocombe continued, “We recognise that receiving and understanding their bill is an
important part of our customers’ experience. Consequently, our team got feedback from a sample of customers and incorporated their recommendations into the final bill

The redesigned bill will be rolled out to customers from 1 September 2023.

The Company has also refreshed its bill information features and understanding your bill videos to help customers with the transition to the new electricity bill.

For more information or any inquiries about the redesigned bill, please visit our website and call or visit our Customer Care Centres.

Grenlec will continue its efforts to enhance all aspects of our service and looks forward to customers’ feedback about this new initiative.