Grenlec Hoping to Resolve Work Disruptions 

PR – Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. is advising customers about the  temporary interruption in service delivery at its Customer Care Centres at Carriacou and  Grenville as well as potential delays at its other locations. 

This situation has resulted from actions taken by some team members represented by the  Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (GTAWU), who did not report for duty on  Monday, 16 May 2022. This action by some team members relates to negotiations for a  collective bargaining agreement for the period 2018 – 2023. 

These negotiations represent the salary and benefits outlined in the Collective Bargaining  Agreement, which is significantly above other players in the industry. While this discussion is  about increasing these benefits, the Company has continued to meet its commitment to  providing benefits related to performance-based pay increments, profit-sharing, medical and  life insurance, and a non-contributory pension. 

We believe that the team members are our employees, regardless of their external representation and as such, we also provide benefits that are not bound by any Agreement.  These include scholarships for children of team members, education assistance, comprehensive  rewards, recognition and employee assistance programmes as well as training and  development. 

While the Company is committed to the welfare of its team members, it notes the external  impacts on its operations and customers over the last few years, including the COVID-19  pandemic, regulatory changes, high fuel prices, increased operating costs and a 25% reduction  in the non-fuel electricity rate to provide relief to customers from high energy costs.  

Grenlec is proud of its exemplary record as a preferred employer and good corporate citizen.  Despite the challenging times, it has also maintained its outreach through its Community  Partnership Initiative (GCPI). This programme supports the Company’s belief that organisations  have a responsibility to contribute to improving the quality of life of vulnerable groups and the  communities in which Grenlec operates, supporting sport, creating opportunities for youth  development and fostering the preservation of culture, heritage and safe, clean environments.  

We look forward to further discussions and to the conclusion of our negotiations, such that the  Company can continue to provide for team members, while maintaining the viability of our  operations, improving service standards and enhancing our communities.