Grenlec Explains Reasons For Recent Unplanned Outages Originating At Generation Plant 

PR –  Grenlec is providing more information about the cause of recent  unplanned outages that have resulted in service interruptions to customers on mainland Grenada. 

Company officials say the combination of issues related to the Company’s two largest generating units  has temporarily impacted electricity reliability. 

Clive Hosten, Grenlec’s Acting General Manager, explains that the first issue relates to unexpected  delays in the shipment of parts and other services during the routine maintenance of the second largest  generating unit.  

While the second largest engine is out of service for maintenance, the newest and largest engine has  developed recurring electrical and a mechanical challenge that have resulted in engine trips over the last  few weeks. 

While the largest unit remains in service, with the next largest unit unavailable, when these trips occur  the Plant is sometimes unable to meet customer demand, necessitating power outages until the team  can restart the engine. 

Acknowledging the significant impact on its customers, Grenlec apologises for the frequent outages as  well as the inconvenience. 

The Company is prioritising the diagnosis and repairs on both units to restore the high level of reliability  to which customers have come to rely. 

Maintenance of the second largest unit is expected to be completed by month-end. Meantime, the  Company is working with the engine manufacturer to resolve the challenges with the largest engine.