Grenlec Advises Customers About A Delay In The Shipment Of Street Lights That Is Impacting Installation And Repairs 

PR – Grenlec is advising customers about a delay in the shipment of street lights and replacement  parts that is hindering new street light installations and repairs. 

The delay in the shipment, which the Company should have received in November has resulted  from supply chain challenges due to COVID-19. 

Recognising the impact on customers, Grenlec is also exploring other cost effective options for  supply. 

Eric Williams, Grenlec’s Transmission and Distribution Manager is apologising to customers for  the delays, and is appealing to customers to be patient as the situation is beyond Grenlec’s  control. 

The Company anticipates that it will receive a shipment of street lights this month, allowing new  street light installations and repairs to continue. 

In the interim, Williams encourages customers to continue to report street light faults by  contacting Grenlec’s 24-hour fault line at telephone number 237.