Grenadians Up In Arms Over Kman 6ixx’s Performance On Island On The Eve Of Independence

(CNC3 TT) – A local dance hall artiste, who was targeted by gunmen, is receiving push back from Grenadian nationals ahead of his anticipated performance on the eve of the island’s 50th independence anniversary due to safety concerns.

Set to headline the event Our Fete, hosted by Rollout Promotions, The CowPen Big Yard & Bogozo Barbershop in Grenada is Kashif “Kman 6ixx” Alexander.

Recently, the dance hall artiste has been grabbing news headlines in T&T after a brazen shooting in December 2023 claimed the lives of four people among them an innocent woman who was looking out her window.

The attack unfolded along the west bound lane of the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, in St Augustine.

Acknowledging that the incident was “very, very serious,” Senior Supt of the North Central Division, Richard Smith, said it underscored the cavalier attitude of those who committed the act.

He said it demonstrated a “lack of care and concern for anybody on the roadway, and for anybody else who was standing nearby.”

In the wake of the shooting and alleged ongoing gang warfare Grenadians are seemingly pushing back against the artiste from performing on the island.

A report published on Sunday in Grenada’s The New Today said, “Grenadians are up in arms over a show to be held.” People also questioned whether the artiste should even be granted a work permit.

“This is a serious matter. No work permit should be given,” one person said while another stated that given the information coming to light about the artiste, “I wonder if after that they will give him permission … let’s see.”

The ongoing gang warfare between the Six and Seven Gangs has been a security issue engaging law officials and authorities in T&T.

A senior official at the Royal Grenada Police Force, speaking under anonymity, said there was a serious cause for concern over the spill over of the ongoing gang warfare in T&T.

The official said given the recent attempts on the life of Kmann 6ixx’s, a performance at a concert in Grenada could provide another opportunity for a hit, this time nationals could also be injured or even killed.

The official also maintained that unnecessary safety risks should not be taken and pointed to the involvement of a T&T national in the hit of Devlon Thomas back in August last year.

It was reported that following the fallout, Kmann Sixx took to social media maintaining that his only goal was to make a better life for is family and those surrounding him.

Guardian Media understands that a final determination on whether or not the local artiste will be allowed to perform is expected to be made soon.