Grenadians Graduate WIU 

PR – Three Grenadians graduated with degrees from Western Illinois University in the December  Commence exercises. Two were awarded master’s degrees while the other earned a bachelor’s degree. 

Ronaldo Joseph earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting. He earned the  distinction of Magna Cum Laude, and was notably recognized as the top graduate in his  department. Ronaldo was also a varsity soccer player at WIU in the NCAA Division 1, for  the past three years. He was a member of Fontenoy United while in Grenada. 

Jelisa Baptiste earned a master’s degree in public health. She previously earned her  undergraduate degree at SGU prior to enrolling at WIU. 

Shenir Hosten also earned a master’s degree in the field of kinesiology. He previously  studied at the University of Technology, Jamaica and worked as an Athletic Trainer at the  Grenada Physiotherapy limited. He also served as Head Athletic Trainer for the Grenada’s U 20 football team and Senior Men’s National Team. 

Over forty Grenadians currently enjoy scholarships and assistantships as they pursue bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees at Western Illinois University. Undergraduates at  WIU can typically begin their degrees online before completing on campus in the USA. 

Western Illinois University is a state institution of stellar reputation established in 1899.

Ronaldo Joseph
Jelisa Baptiste
Shenir Hosten