Grenadian Health Systems (GHS) Inc. Stepping Into The Spotlight

Kenither Charles – Contact Center Manager

PR – I am thrilled to announce that Grenadian Health Systems (GHS) Inc. is finally stepping into the spotlight. For years, our dedicated team has been quietly providing exceptional administrative services to clients across the Americas. Despite our success and reputation within the contact center industry, we have largely flown under the radar, known only to a select few.

But today, everything changes. We are excited to raise awareness of our company and showcase our mission of providing best-in-class administrative support to our clients. By doing so, we hope to better serve the community and expand our reach.

Since our inception in 2017, GHS has grown significantly, becoming a major hub for digital health service support and clinic administration in the Americas. We started by exporting administrative work from our Canadian parent company, creating jobs, and enabling skills transfer to the local staff. Today, we provide administrative services directly to clinics and clients across different countries.

As part of providing the Grenadian Ministry of Health with its Electronic Medical Records Platform (EMR), we opened a Contact Center several years ago, where Grenadians could be trained on the administration of health clinics and facilities using the EMR system. This has not only provided the necessary skills transfer at home but also opened up opportunities to export our administrative services to other countries, creating jobs and bringing in income and taxes to the country.

From an initial team of 8 staff, in a small office above the Sherwin-Williams store, we have since grown and expanded our facility to Morne Rouge, employing 125 full-time staff members. And in the coming months, we plan to open a new and larger additional office and to add another 100-150 full-time positions. Our growth is a result of our company’s partnership with Canadian Health Systems and our continued expansion of the number of clinics and clients that receive our administrative services directly from Grenada.

At GHS, we believe in investing in our staff and providing them with stable jobs and career opportunities as they learn new skills. Our collaboration with our Canadian counterparts has been instrumental in building a great Grenadian team that is prepared to usher in the future of healthcare. We are proud to accept many new export clients in 7 different areas of healthcare management and administration, including technical support for EMR users.

We are not only creating jobs and generating income and taxes for Grenada, but we are also contributing to the green economy by specializing in healthcare management. Our company is a shining example of how a small country like Grenada can become a major player in the healthcare industry through collaboration and investment in its human resources.

As we continue to grow, we are extremely proud of our staff and look forward to welcoming and training new members to excel in the healthcare industry. The sky is the limit for us here at Grenadian Health Systems, and we are well on our way to becoming a leader in digital health service support and clinic administration in the Americas.

Kenither Charles – Contact Center Manager