Grenadian Fined For Ammo Possession And Smuggling in St. Lucia

Francis David Lincoln Richards, 48 years, has been fined $30,000 for illegally possessing ammunition and attempting to smuggle it out of St. Lucia.

On Friday, October 6, 2023, Richards was apprehended by the authorities at the George FL Charles Airport.

Richards was in the process of boarding a flight destined for Grenada when Immigration Officers discovered a cache of 25 rounds of ammunition concealed among his belongings.

He was subsequently charged with both Possession of Ammunition and Attempting to Export Ammunition. He was remanded in custody, awaiting his day in court.

Richards was held in a cell at one of the police stations located across the island, pending his court appearance.

The case against Richards reached its conclusion on October 25, when he faced sentencing. The Magistrate presiding over the case imposed a fine of $20,000 for the illegal possession of ammunition and an additional $10,000 for attempted smuggling.

He has been given a strict ultimatum to pay the fines within one month, with failure to comply resulting in a six-month prison sentence.