Grenada’s Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell Takes His Transformation Message To CARICOM

PR –  “Grenada is willing, ready and eager to do its part in  transforming our beloved Caribbean Community.” That is the commitment of the newly  elected Prime Minister Hon. Dickon Mitchell, in his address to the 43rd Meeting of the  Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM in Suriname. 

Hon. Dickon Mitchell said “Our forefathers in 1973, envisioned a region with the ability to  transform the lives of its people by working together, a community that can overcome its  challenges, if we, without reservation, dedicate ourselves, our time, and talents to moving  CARICOM forward.” 

“The region belongs to all of us. It is simply home,” the Prime Minister said in his remarks  to the 43rd regular meeting of CARICOM Heads, adding that efforts must be made to  “touch” all states that call the region home, whatever the language. “Colleagues and  friends, I have no doubt that if pursued vigorously, these ambitions are achievable, they  are attainable and our Caribbean civilization deserve then”, the Grenadian leader told his  CARICOM colleagues as he reflected on his own message to the Grenadian people  during the recent election campaign. 

When he pointed to the recent election of three members of the Grenadian Parliament  who are under the age of thirty, including one female candidate, who is tasked with the  important portfolio of Climate resilience and Environment, Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell  echoed the words of the CARICOM Secretary-General Dr. Carla Barnett and his  Bahamian counterpart, who noted that more than 60% of the region’s population is under  the age of thirty. “I have no doubt that Grenada and the rest of the Caribbean are filled  with talented, capable, hardworking young men and women who are prepared to rise to  the challenge and to solve and overcome the challenges we all face.” 

The Prime Minister and his delegation return to Grenada on Wednesday 6, July 2022.