Grenada’s Prime Minister Extends Congratulations To Team West Indies Following Test Series Victory Against England

PR – Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has  extended hearty congratulations to the West Indies cricket team following their  resounding victory in the third and final test against England, in Grenada on Sunday. 

Dr. Mitchell, an ardent cricket fan and former national player, had accurately predicted  that there will be a definitive result in the third test, following draws in the first two games.  

He described it as an excellent victory saying, “The overall performance of the team is  something to treasure. The standard of play on both sides was commendable with the  teams showing a fighting spirit. This is a good win for the West Indies and we welcome  the victory. 

The Prime Minister is keen to see more consistent wins by the regional cricket team. “Every time they win, we think that will be a turnaround in their performance, but they  have let us down a lot, so we wait to see. But overall, this win is good for the team, it’s  good for the Caribbean and I’m happy that it happened in Grenada.” 

The Prime Minister commended Grenadians for the level of support given to the regional  team. Sharing feedback he has received, Dr. Mitchell said, “Players and fans have been  saying this is the best place they’ve been in terms of the support among the fans and the  attitude of the people, how accommodating they have been. But I’m really not surprised,  that’s the true Grenadian spirit.” 

He added, “Even the regional players complimented the country saying in the games  played during the pandemic, players had to literally cheer themselves, but here in  Grenada, they felt the presence of the crowd and were motivated by the constant  cheering.” 

With respect to economic spinoffs, Dr. Mitchell said the match was a tremendous boost  for the economy, particularly the accommodation and small business sectors.

He said, “The Government made the right move to invest in this game, there are  absolutely no regrets, it has been a good boost for cricket fans, the people generally and  the business sector. Given the impact of the pandemic over the last two years, the people  and the country needed that.”  

The Prime Minister will talk more about the match, its significance for the West Indies  cricket team and its impact on Grenada when he is interviewed on the Barbados radio  programme, Mason & Guests on Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. The programme is aired locally on  Real 91.9 FM.