Grenada’s Prime Minister Congratulates His Barbadian Counterpart Following Landslide Victory At The Polls

PR – Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell has extended  congratulations to colleague Prime Minister, Barbados’ Mia Mottley who secured a second term in office with a landslide victory at the polls on Wednesday. 

Having announced snap elections on December 27, 2021, Prime Minister Mottley’s  Barbados Labour Party secured all 30 seats in Wednesday’s vote. 

Dr. Mitchell congratulated the Barbadian leader saying, “The results represent an  overwhelming vote of confidence in the BLP administration. The Barbadian electorate has  essentially opted for continuation of the tremendous work that Sister Mia and her team  have been doing. Yes the times are difficult, with an unprecedented pandemic that just  seems to go on and on, but there are many other important facets to leadership at this  time, and the people are obviously of the opinion that the BLP has done a good job thus  far. With the new mandate, the administration needs to continue fulfilling its promises to  the people of Barbados, uniting the people of the country and managing the ongoing  crisis.” 

Prime Ministers Mitchell and Mottley have had a close friendship over the years and Dr.  Mitchell has pledged Grenada’s commitment to continuing the historic ties between the  two countries.