Grenada’s Prime Minister Addresses Regional Telecoms Regulators, Reiterating CARICOM Commitment To Harmonised Regulatory Framework

PR – Grenada’s Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has  reiterated CARICOM’s commitment to achieving full elimination of roaming charges and  establishing a harmonised regional regulatory framework. 

Addressing a meeting of regulators and key stakeholders, organised by the Caribbean  Telecommunications Union on Thursday, the Prime Minister said, “This morning, I say to  you without reservation that CARICOM Heads of Government are committed to moving  this agenda forward. However, we also recognise our own obligation to address some of  the concerns raised by the operators in relation to the complexity of the regional regulatory  environment and how this impacts operational costs and the ease of doing business.” 

Dr. Mitchell acknowledged that there are other players in the market which do not operate  at the size and scale of the dominant providers, but which must be taken into  consideration to ensure that the national and regional markets remain vibrant and  competitive. 

The Prime Minister added, “The issue of a harmonised regional regulatory framework is  one that deserves our urgent consideration. We must turn our attention to this. Rest  assured that I, in my capacity as Lead Head for Science and Technology, including ICT,  along with my colleague Heads of Government, are fully supportive and will provide the  leadership required to take us forward.”  

He further stated, “We have always, within CARICOM, respected the sovereignty and  diversity of each Member State within the regional group. This does not, and should not,  prevent us from agreeing on practical, rational and reasonable approaches in regulation  of our key sectors, to make our markets more conducive to growth and investment, and  the promotion of innovation across all sectors. We have found and will continue to find  ways of doing this, in the best interest of our Caribbean people.” 

Dr. Mitchell acknowledged the assistance of key partners and stakeholders such as the  International Telecommunications Union which has undertaken a study of the regulatory  environment.