Grenada’s Ambassador To The United States Presents Credentials To President Joseph Biden

PR – Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Tarlie Francis presented his credentials to U.S. President, Mr. Joseph R. Biden recently. 

In discussion with President Biden, Ambassador Francis said, “Grenada has adopted and  commenced the implementation of a robust national development programme of a  transformational nature.” 

Citing the long, friendly, and harmonious ties between Grenada and the United States as  the platform for mutually beneficial bilateral relations, the Grenadian Ambassador  expressed Grenada’s commitment and positioning as a reliable partner in strengthening regional and international cooperation, and welcomed the United States as a partner. 

He also conveyed Grenada’s gratitude for past and ongoing US assistance. Ambassador  Francis said, “…Both the United States and Grenada are facing critical challenges that  demand collective action and a unified approach. Climate change, a global concern that  transcends borders, threatens our environment, economies, and communities. Grenada,  as a small island state, is acutely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, from rising  sea levels to more intense hurricanes. The United States, as a leading global economy,  has a pivotal role to play in mitigating these effects and advancing sustainable solutions. 

In this regard, Grenada welcomes your support, manifested in part, in your  administration’s [U.S.-Caribbean Partnership to Address the Climate Crisis] PACC 2030  initiative and acknowledges the consistent instances of engagement…” 

Ambassador Francis also referenced cooperation in bolstering security in our shared  region. “The pledge to deepen collaboration with Grenada in countering transnational  organised crime and curbing the illicit trafficking of firearms across our Caribbean waters  and borders, is a testament to the strength of our partnership. This invaluable support not  only enhances the safety and well-being of our citizens, but also underscores the  opportunities for mutual cooperation in pursuit of peace, safety, and our vital security  objectives.” 

Referencing the many years of friendship and collaboration between the United States  and Grenada, President Biden said the United States will continue to engage Grenada in  the areas of education, entrepreneurship, climate resilience, and energy initiatives.

He said, “Standing together, the United States and Grenada can create a safer and more  secure future for our nations and our people…I look forward to working with you to  advance our common agenda and deepen the bonds between our countries.”  

Grenada’s Ambassador to the United States was one of ten diplomats who presented  their credentials to the US President.