Grenada’s Ambassador To CARICOM, Arley Gill Donates Medical Supplies To Gouyave Health Centre

PR –  Grenada’s Ambassador to CARICOM, Mr. Arley Gill has made a donation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and some medical devices to  assist in the fight against COVID-19 in his home parish, St. John. 

Ambassador Gill’s donation to the Gouyave Health Centre on October 8, was received by Nurse Lucy Joseph, during a brief handover at the medical facility which also oversees  health operations in St. Mark. 

He explained that the donation of medical gears resulted from an effort he led among  Grenadians in the United States to gather much-needed medical supplies and  accessories for healthcare providers responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The exponential increase in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks has led to an increased  demand for PPEs. 

The former Government Senator said although it’s a small donation, in these times, every  contribution counts. He pledged his continued support in whatever way possible. 

Ambassador Gill also thanked his friends and all Grenadians in the diaspora for  supporting Grenada during this period of uncertainty.  

Nurse Lucy Joseph thanked Ambassador GiIl on behalf of the staff of the Gouyave Health  Centre. She noted that because of the current COVID-19 crisis, supplies and PPEs are  in great demand by the staff as well as clients who visit the facility daily. 

She also used the opportunity to encourage him to continue using his connections to  provide more support to the St. John/St. Mark Health District.