Grenada’s 12 Member Swim Team End CARIFTA With Seven Silver And Seven Bronze Medals

PR –  Team Grenada has won fourteen medals overall, seven silver and seven bronze at the thirty-seventh CARIFTA Swimming Championships, and 5K Open Water competition held in The Bahamas from Saturday 30th March to Wednesday April 3rd.

The team’s performances deserve tremendous commendation and each member comprising the team is deserving of special praise, since everyone of them has contributed significantly in various forms. For each day of the competitions there were several personal best times achieved . Those who did not medal swam well and in several cases obtained two or more PBs

Apart from the PBs, a hugh majority of the team from each age category made it to the finals in either all, or most of their events . Most significantly the fourteen medals obtained, among Zackary Gresham, Tilly Collymore, Gabrielle Hyson, Sara Dowden and Anaika Otway is evidence that our swimmers are quite capable of achieving greater successes, once they continue to train hard.

Tilly Collymore and Jacob Collymore were the only Open Water competitors of the competitions. Tilly added to the fourteenth medal from the Open Water having placed second, while Jacob being his first time having competed in the CARIFTA Open Water competition did a great swim in 1:09:31.75 and placed 8th. Tilly’s time among the females was 1:10:28.29.

Following is a break down of the team’s general performance: 

A total of 14 medals were won :7 silvers and 7 bronze. The medal winners comprised Tilly Collymore- 4 silvers  in her 200m Freestyle in a time of 2:10.58, 100m Freestyle in a time of 58.78, 400m Freestyle in a time of 4:36.51 and her 5k Open Water, swam in 1:10:28.29 as mentioned above. Tilly’s bronze was obtained in her 800m Freestyle which she swam in 9:41.41.

Zackary Gresham-4 bronze  in his 50m Backstroke in a time of 27.43, 50 m Breast in a time of 31.26, 100m Free in a time of 54.01 and his 100m breast in a time of 1:08.37. Zackary’s two silvers were obtained in his 100m Butterfly in a time of 57.07 and his 100m Back in 1:00.03.

Sara Dowden – 1 bronze in her 400m IM which she executed in 5:27.08

Anaika Otway -1bronze in her 50m Breast executed in a time of 34.13

Gabrielle Hyson-1silver in her 100 Butterfly executed in 1:06.72

There were 40 PBs obtained, from among  eleven of the twelve swimmers.These included Zackary Gresham, Jenebi Benoit, Jacob Collymore and Jaaziel Francis in the, males and Gabby Hyson,Tilly Collymore, Sara Dowden, Kristin Gresham, Zeia Ollivierre,Eliza Rose Benjamin and Nataly Escobar in the females.  Special mention must be made of Nataly Escobar , the youngest member of the team who did personal best times in five of her six events, each with significant time cuts. Also worthy of special mention is Long distance swimmer Tilly Collymore, who progressively obtained PBs in nine of her events which included both her prelimnaries and final events.

Of significant importance also, is that the team had 40 appearances at Finals from among ten of its twelve- member team.

GASA is  extremely proud of the team’s performance and therefore congratulates the athletes every effort. Thanks too to the officials, Coach Gerson Escobar, Manager Neil Francis, and chaperones Ruth Collymore, and Nigel Gresham for their parts played.

The camaraderie and discipline within the team and again, its resilience, should not go unmentioned. Amidst all odds, they stood strong, swam strong and achieved strong.