Grenada Welcomes Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody Of The Seas 

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority is pleased to welcome the Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas, which will enter Grenada’s port on Tuesday, July 9th. This significant sea-bridge arrival brings a two-fold operation to our country: to provide essential relief aid following the passage of Hurricane Beryl, as well as a visit from 2,377 tourists – a positive development for Grenada’s economic endurance.

The arrival of Rhapsody of the Seas demonstrates the resilience and unity of our island nation. The ship’s crew will be delivering much-needed supplies, including 15 tons of fuel, to aid in the recovery efforts. This substantial donation of fuel will be instrumental in powering essential services showcasing the strong partnership and support from Royal Caribbean during this challenging time.

In addition to delivering relief aid, the disembarkation of passengers highlights that Grenada remains open for tourism. This influx of visitors is a testament to our island’s enduring appeal and a crucial boost to our local economy as we continue to rebuild.

“We are incredibly grateful for the solidarity shown by Royal Caribbean and all our partners, and for their unwavering support,” said Randall Dolland, Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority. “Their assistance in our time of need, combined with the visitor arrivals, underscores the depth of the partnership we share. This is a clear signal to the world that Grenada is open for business and welcoming visitors with open arms. Together, we will rebuild stronger than ever.”

On this road to recovery, the disembarkation of passengers is a clarion call that Grenada continues to be open for tourism. For all stakeholders, this influx of visitors is a testament to our island’s global appeal and a crucial boost to our local economy as we continue to rebuild. “Now more than ever, the support from our international friends is not only necessary for our community’s economic bottom-line, but it is a real testament to the fact that Grenadians will always persevere,” says Cosmos Williams, President of the National Taxi Association. “As they explore our shores, step by step we will all work together to ensure that visitors continue to have an unforgettable experience while in beautiful Grenada.”

The Grenada Tourism Authority invites everyone to celebrate the arrival of Rhapsody of the Seas and its passengers. This marks a significant step forward as we continue our recovery efforts and signals a bright and prosperous future for the state of Grenada.