Grenada Trades Union Council Calls For More Action From Government

PR – The Grenada TradesUnion Council (GTUC) extends deepest condolences to the families and friends who have lost loved ones in this period, especially due to Covid19

The GTUC once again calls on the Grenada Government to address and implement the following

  1. Workers/people testing positive for Covid19 must not travel on public transport. The state has the ultimate responsibility to provide a safe environment for the citizens.
  2. The Government must provide additional isolation centersto include other parishes beside St. George for positive Covid19 cases. Most families are not able to properly accommodate positive cases at home. This challenge has the potential to create family disputes.
  3. Workers and other confirmed positive Covid19 people, ought to be retested after the fourteen (14) day isolation period to confirm their negative status. This will give added comfort to the rest of the work force and allow for a smooth reengagement at the workplace.
  4. The state must seek additional accommodation to cater for the increased hospitalisation of Covid19 patients emphasis must be on striving to save lives.
  5. Workers (both public and private sector) must not suffer any loss of income due to Covid19/pandemic leave or quarantine.
  6.  The state must urgently allocate additional resources to provide for the sustenance of vulnerable and impacted families.
  7.  There should be the enforcement of at least a two (2) week lockdownperiod this could be used for testing and vaccination purposes also.