Grenada Tourism Authority Announces Increased Airlift Capacity Between Grenada and Barbados

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority is pleased to announce that on March 16th, InterCaribbean Airways will upgauge its aircraft from a 30-seater Embraer 120 plane to the larger and more modern ATR- 42 with 48 seats, on its Grenada to Barbados route. This new aircraft will deliver increased flight frequencies and will provide increased comfort and service reliability for passengers. Grenada continues to  rebuild its capacity between the two islands, to pre-covid levels and forms part of Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell’s commitment to increasing airlift capacity and connectivity throughout the region. 

Barbados continues to be the second highest producing Caribbean market to Grenada and is critical for Grenadians attending to their visas, commerce and connectivity to major source markets.

“InterCaribbean is dedicated to performing its critical role in the development of the economies of the region and the enrichment of the lives of its citizens by ensuring connectivity. Our partnership with Grenada is borne out of our desire to serve the needs of the people by exceeding their travel expectations. 

Grenada has a creative economy that thrives on its tourism and its educational services—all attractive to the would-be traveller. InterCaribbean is proud of its accomplishments in helping to further government’s thrust to develop these and other areas. There is power and prosperity in partnership,” said Lyndon Gardiner, Chairman of InterCaribbean Airways.

The new service will be introduced at a press conference on Thursday, March 16th at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

Following the press conference, Prime Minister Mitchell will lead a delegation of government officials, local business leaders and hoteliers to Barbados to promote trade and tourism in this important regional source market. 

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to InterCaribbean for their continued and unwavering support of Grenada. We were challenged with the lack of capacity on the Grenada Barbados route which has retarded the rebound of the Caribbean market and they worked collaboratively with us to find a viable solution. Our work is not done and we expect that in short shrift, the frequency of the operation will increase to twice daily.” said Petra Roach, CEO of the Grenada Tourism Authority.