Grenada Tourism Authority And Spicemas Corporation Have Collaborated To Promote Grenada’s Carnival Throughout The Caribbean

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority has collaborated with the Spicemas Corporation to promote Grenada’s Spicemas throughout the Caribbean. This collaboration involves the attendance at the summer festivals in two islands: Vincy Mas in St. Vincent, Lucian Carnival in St. Lucia, and Crop Over in Barbados to present and promote Spicemas and Carriacou Carnival.

Runi J, the 2019 Road March King, joined the St. Vincent delegation for radio and television interviews and an appearance at the soca monarch final. Reigning Groovy Monarch V’ghn is headed to St. Lucia where he will promote Spicemas during radio interviews and performances on masquerade trucks under the Spicemas banner. 

The Grenada Tourism Authority and the Spicemas Corporation anticipate that this initiative will sustainably increase the flow of tourism and encourage travel, which will increase footfall on the island during the festive season. CEO of GTA, Petra Roach said, “Spicemas is our biggest festival and a major highlight of the year for nationals and visitors alike.  There is so much pent up demand since we were unable to host Spicemas for the past two years due to Covid-19. We look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world, whether repeaters or first timers, to  our cultural extravaganza.” 

The organizations are also pleased to announce Intercaribbean Airlines as the official airline partner for Spicemas with increased flights between islands starting August 3rd and continuing through August 10th, 2022. 

Kelvin Jacob, CEO of the Spicemas Corporation stated that, “Spicemas 2019 was so successful, and after two years of no official celebrations I am elated that we are able to host ‘Spicemas 2022 D Return’. We have worked hard to enhance the product to make it second to none. This will be a carnival to remember. ”