Grenada To Participate In The Global Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly To Propel Bold Collaboration And Unlock Further Funding Opportunities

PR – Grenada is being represented at the 7th Global  Environment Facility (GEF) Assembly in Vancouver, Canada, by Minister with responsibility  for the Ministry of Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation, Hon. Andy Williams  and Ms. Peron Johnson, Permanent Secretary (Ag) who is also the GEF Operational Focal  Point in Grenada. 

The Seventh Assembly of the Global Environment Facility will stand out for its focus on the  dangers of the present; a time when the world is struggling to cope with record air and sea  temperatures, deadly and destructive wildfires, and extreme flooding.  

Created three decades ago with a narrower focus, the GEF is the world’s largest multilateral  funder of environmental action, and a trusted partner of both donor governments seeking to  make a global difference, and developing countries looking to tackle their biggest ecological  and sustainability challenges. 

According to GEF CEO and Chairperson, Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, Costa Rica’s former  environment and energy minister, “This Seventh GEF Assembly will have a clear theme: the  need to work together in new ways, within and across countries and across sectors, to heal the  planet.  

The Assembly will chart a path forward through three dimensions: elevating the contributions  of science to a healthier and more biodiverse planet; generating more funding from all  sources to address biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution; and ensuring that  environmental governance becomes more inclusive and focused on those who have been  historically under-represented in this space, including youth, women, and Indigenous People. 

A highlight of the Assembly’s agenda will be the launch of the new Global Biodiversity  Framework Fund (GBFF), which will provide a boost to developing countries’ investments in 

nature, and support Indigenous People and local communities. Grenada intends to leverage  future collaboration in this regard. 

In a demonstration of the GEF’s growing focus on civil society, the Assembly in Vancouver  will include a full-day Partnership Forum with programmes and discussion focused on groups  that have not always had a voice at intergovernmental gatherings. This session will include  and celebrate the perspectives of youth, women, local communities, and Indigenous People,  with dedicated networking spaces and opportunities to engage with each other and with  government representatives. 

The programme also features sessions dedicated to science and an emphasis on the current  and potential role of the private sector in building a safer, healthier planet in partnership with  national and sub-national governments. 

The Vancouver meeting is an important next step as countries find new and bold ways to  work together to address environmental pressures that are making themselves increasingly  evident all around the world. Grenada stands to benefit for funding for many transformative  initiatives following attendance at the 7th GEF Assembly. 

The GEF Assembly, which runs until August 26, 2023, occurs every four years with a  gathering of 185 countries.