Grenada Signs MOU With Royal Caribbean Group To Initiate Job Recruitment Drive 

PR The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is pleased to announce that a memorandum of understanding between the Government of Grenada and Royal Caribbean Group has been signed today bringing the cruise company and the Government of Grenada together to create employment opportunities for Grenadians. This includes hosting a large-scale job recruitment drive. The memorandum was signed by the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Climate Resilience and the Environment Hon. Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen and Ms. Wendy McDonald, Regional Vice President – Government Relations, Caribbean, of the Royal Caribbean Group.

This partnership supports expanding employment opportunities for qualified Grenadians to work on cruise ships operated by Royal Caribbean Group, as the company seeks to generate opportunities for employing a high-quality workforce from the Caribbean region.

The Government of Grenada is committed to working with Royal Caribbean Group to help promote and host official recruitment events, the first of which ran from May 9 – 11, 2022 and will continue with a second job fair in Grenada from July 12 14, 2022. Onsite support and guidance will be provided to ensure a secure and streamlined process.  

Minister Modeste-Curwen stated that, “Our main priority is to ensure that Grenadians can secure job opportunities on board the ships to gain valuable experience, receive training under the best tutelage and hone their skills. The Government of Grenada is committed to providing assistance and cooperation on an ongoing basis to this end, to include assisting with the processing of documentation required to recruit and embark the seafarers.” 

The Minister continued, “Royal Caribbean Group in return commits to using all reasonable efforts to recruit the seafarers by hiring directly or engaging with local hiring partners. This is a wonderful opportunity that job-ready Grenadians should take advantage of.” 

“This job recruitment effort creates a special opportunity to expand Royal Caribbean Group’s relationship with Grenada,” said McDonald. “We are happy that the Government of Grenada will give us this avenue to build on the talented pool of seafarers from the Caribbean to help us continue providing our guests with vacation memories that last a lifetime.”

The following is a list of available positions:


Junior Seaman

Junior Engineman

Assistant Electrician

Assistant Refrigeration Engineer

Assistant Repairman (Plumber/Welder)

Assistant Carpenter

Assistant Upholsterer


Laundry Attendants

Galley Stewards

Entry Level Cold Galley

Entry Level Hot Galley

Entry Level Butchers  

Entry Level Pastry/Bakers  

Restaurant Attendants / Assistant Waiters

Bar Utility/Bar Waiters/Bar Tender (previous ship experience, preferable)


Public Area Attendants/Cabin Stewards (previous shipboard experience)

Cruise staff

Youth Staff

Sport Staff

Specialty positions

Casino (ALL positions – Dealers, Slot Techs, Cashiers, etc.)

Culinary (Chef positions)

Housekeeping (Supervisor and Management)

Beverage (Supervisor and Management)

Cruise Staff (Technicians – Light, Sound, etc.)

Photo (Manager, Photographer, Studio Artist)