Grenada Records Three More COVID-19 Cases

PR – Three more cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in  Grenada, bringing the total to date to 185. 

Case #183 is similar to case #170, in that the individual arrived with a negative PCR test, was tested on arrival, and medically cleared from quarantine based on test results, and later tested positive when preparing for departure. 

The 45-year old male, a returning national, arrived on August 4 and was cleared on  August 6. His departure PCR test was conducted on August 11 and the Ministry of  Health has since verified the positive result with a second test. 

The Ministry of Health has since launched contact tracing efforts. The travel companion  of case #183 has also been tested but that result is negative. 

Providing a possible explanation for cases #170 and #183, Acting Chief Medical Officer,  Dr. Shawn Charles said, “There are a number of possibilities that could explain that  situation. The persons could have become infected after their PCR test and secondly,  their viral load could have been too low at the time of testing to be detected, but would  have risen high enough to be measured in subsequent testing. The scenario helps to  underscore the fact that we must maintain the recommended protocols. Particularly  wearing our masks, avoiding mass gatherings and sanitising our hands frequently.” 

The two other cases are also imported. One was detected at the main port of entry in  Grenada and the other in Carriacou.  

Grenada currently has 12 active cases of COVID-19.