Grenada Records Significant Increase In Dengue Fever

PR – The Ministry of Health, Wellness and Religious Affairs is  reporting a significant increase in the number of Dengue Fever cases in the country.  

Grenada’s acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Shawn Charles, says data for  Epidemiology Week #18 indicated that there were 20 reported cases.  

The CMO advised that while Health Surveillance Officers and Vector Control intervention  resources are deployed, measures are being taken to control further increases as the Ministry keeps a close eye on the situation.  

According to Dr. Charles, eight (8) people have been hospitalised with dengue fever with  three (3) being listed as severe. CMO Charles told the GIS that the Ministry’s current data  revealed that the ages mostly affected are 5 – 14 years and 25 – 44 years.  

He explained that 50% of the hospitalised cases of dengue fever are from the parish of St. Andrew. St. George and St. Patrick have accounted for 25% each. As a consequence, the public is advised to protect themselves from mosquito bites and take all the necessary  preventative measures possible.  

“It is very important for members of the public to protect themselves, by using approved  insect repellants, mosquito nets and by wearing long sleeved clothing, but most of all it is  vitally important for people to ensure that their surroundings are clean, and that they  destroy existing and potential mosquito breeding sites.” 

The Ministry of Health is appealing to people who are experiencing dengue-fever like  symptoms such as joint pain, fever, headache, intense abdominal pain and bleeding  gums, to seek medical attention, and get tested as early as possible. 

Dr. Charles also called on healthcare providers to be vigilant and test persons displaying  signs and symptoms of the condition. He said “The situation is very, very serious and we  need to take heed and do all that’s necessary to prevent a major outbreak.”