Grenada Records Four New Cases of COVID-19

Today, Friday, January 8th, the Ministry of Health diagnosed four (4) new cases of COVID-19 in Grenada.

The new cases are all imported, and arrived in Grenada on January 2nd, 2021, via the JetBlue carrier from the United States.

The individuals are two males and two females, ranging in age from twenty-eight (28) to fifty (50). Upon arrival, they proceeded immediately to state quarantine, where they were tested on day four (4), as per Grenada’s existing testing protocols.

They will remain in quarantine until they are retested and medically cleared.

These four new cases bring Grenada’s total of active COVID-19 cases to eight (8). Six of them are travel related and two are from the December cluster.

The Ministry of Health is cognizant that the virus is rampant in several of our source markets, such as the United States, from where many of our own brothers and sisters travel. As a result, officials continue to strengthen systems to ensure that Grenada is able to catch and stop the virus at our borders or while travellers are in quarantine.

State quarantine is becoming the mandate, as the Ministry, in recent days, tightened restrictions, and moved away from approving requests for home quarantine.

Currently, all countries are being treated as “high risk” countries, and the protocols for travellers entering Grenada are standard.

As several countries, such as the United States and the United Kingdom, have begun administering vaccinations against COVID-19 to their populations, Grenada, like its CARICOM neighbours, is rigorously sourcing and preparing its internal systems for the receipt and distribution of vaccines, which will help the population fight the virus, and mitigate severe illness and death in the event of contraction.

The Ministry continues to urge the population to do what is necessary to avoid contracting and spreading this deadly virus.

The steps are clear: wash or sanitise hands frequently, wear a mask over nose and mouth when in public spaces, maintain physical distancing,  obey the rules for quarantine and isolation if tested positive or if exposed to the virus, and avoid large social gatherings.

Public health continues to be our collective responsibility.