Grenada Records Four More COVID-19 Deaths, All within 24-Hours

Four more COVID-19 related deaths occurred in Grenada within the last 24-hours.
A teenager is among the latest deceased.
The 18-year old, who is now publicly known to be a student of the T.A. Marryshow Community College, passed away Thursday morning from complications related to
The other two deaths at the General Hospital were a male and female, both of whom were
over the age of 50.
The fourth death was a 59-year old, who died at home. Post mortem testing revealed that
she was COVID-19 positive.
The Ministry of Health and by extension, the Government of Grenada extends deepest
sympathy to the family and friends of the deceased.
The Ministry continues to encourage Grenadians who are eligible to be vaccinated to do so
as the vaccines have been scientifically proven to help protect against severe disease,
hospitalisation and death, in the event of breakthrough infections.