Grenada Receives More Coronavirus Vaccines

PR –  Despite the continued slow uptake of the Coronavirus vaccines in Grenada,  the Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Religious Affairs (MOHWARA) through the Community  Nursing Department, is not relenting, and is instead ensuring that all efforts are made to  encourage vaccination against the deadly virus, through education, awareness, and the  availability of a variety of vaccines. 

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Religious Affairs has received another batch of Pfizer and  Moderna vaccines. Five thousand, eight hundred and fifty (5,850) doses of Pfizer vaccines and  Six thousand, (6000) doses of the Moderna vaccines were donated to the Government and  People of Grenada by the Government of the Republic of Korea. 

Acknowledging receipt of the medicine and recognizing its life-saving value and benefits as was  demonstrated during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry thanked the Government  of the Republic of Korea for the donation. 

The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and Religious Affairs also places on record its sincere thanks  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Export Development in Grenada for its role in  securing the donation.  

With the new school year beginning on Monday September 5, 2022, health officials are  encouraging parents to be mindful of the presence of COVID-19, vaccine-preventable diseases, and gastroenteritis. 

Nursing officials say it is of paramount importance and beneficial to both parent and child, to  have their full complement of childhood vaccines, and to encourage the practice of proper hand  and cough hygiene on re-entering the school setting to prevent disease outbreak and  transmission.