Grenada On The Way To Venice 

PR – The excitement is starting to mount! After months  of planning by Commissioner Susan Mains, Curator Daniele Radini Tedeschi, and all the  selected artists, the Grenada Pavilion will soon be open at the International Art Exhibition  of the Biennale di Venezia in its 60th edition. 

The artists have started their travels to the venue, and for the days leading up to the opening,  they will be installing the work. It is no easy task. Venice is a labyrinth of canals and narrow  walking alleys, ith most transportation involving the vaporetto. The romantic pictures of  the gondolas are for visitors, not for the hard-working people of that island. 

Jason de Caires Taylor will show his artistic sculptures in aluminium, like the figures that  grace Grenada’s underwater sculpture park. Also, a photographic chronicle of Vicissitudes (the Ring of Children) will tell the story of the growth of the sponges and corals near the  reefs of Molinere. This new growth on the sculptures was experimental when he started in  2005, but now his technique has been clearly established as a world-wide phenomenon in  his underwater sculpture parks. 

Frederika Adam explores, in large-format photos, a very close inspection of Grenada’s  flora. Her art requires some time and examination to fully grasp. The abstraction caused  by the very close views is suggestive and leaves interpretation to the viewer. 

Alma Fakhre’s work is part and parcel of the spiritual world. Guided by intuition and her  love of colour, she fabricates mixed-media panels that draw in the viewer and imbue them  with a sense of wonder. 

Benaiah Matheson’s project with the TAMCC art students will culminate in a large, multi faceted tapestry. The story of town to island will unfold. 

Perhaps the most riveting is the very personal work of Suelin Low Chew Tung. In her  mixed-media presentation, she explores her own story of living with cancer. The foreigner,  this time, is within. 

The theme of Grenada’s pavilion, No Man is an Island, gives more than a hint of our  interconnectedness and the recognition of the strength of those bonds. Also, following the  theme of the Biennale, Foreigners Everywhere, there is an opportunity for introspection and a world-wide view of who we are as small island people and how we fit in and stand  out.

Asher Mains, MFA, has been guiding the underlying research for the presentation and often  relies on the inspiration of the French Martinique poet and philosopher Eduoard Glissant.  Mains writes in an essay in the Catalogue, “Glissant’s infinite volumes imply the more we  engage in relation to others, the greater potential we can realise as humans, whether the  other is ecological, epidemiological, botanical, existential, or interpersonal.” 

Joining us for the opening in Venice will be our Government of Grenada official  representatives, 

Randall Dolland as chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority, and Oliver Benoit as  chairman of the Grenada National Museum. During a press conference, Dolland will  present to our curator a copy of the 50th Anniversary of Independence Book. It is a  significant show of support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to have their  presence along with international presidents and ministers of state from 88 nations in the  world. Grenada may be among the smallest countries there, but it certainly will make a  solid impression. 

The local sponsorship from the National Lottery Authority, the Grenada Tourism  Authority, the Grenada Arts Council, the McGuinness Foundation, Nick Browne, Century  21 Grenada, Act: Art and Design, Art House 473, and Insurance Consultants of Grenada  has enabled the travel and shipping of art for these artists. 

For the next 7 months, Grenada will have art as its ambassador to the thousands of visitors  who will be in Venice, perhaps luring them to visit Grenada Art Island. 

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