Grenada Now Has Only Two Active Cases of COVID-19

The Ministry of Health is pleased to inform that Grenada currently has only two remaining active cases of COVID-19, and both are expected to be medically cleared within the next few days.

During the week of November 20, 2020, the Ministry reported that Grenada’s active case count was eleven (11) and that all cases were imported or import-related and were in quarantine.

Since then, nine of those cases have been medically cleared, and no new cases have been diagnosed in Grenada.

With each passing day as flights come into Grenada, it is expected that there will be more new cases, but the Ministry’s testing efforts have been resolute in catching the virus at the borders, or during the mandatory quarantine process.

Despite this, the Ministry reminds the public to remain cautious, wash or sanitize hands frequently, maintain physical distancing of at least six feet from others, and wear masks when in public spaces. The virus is unpredictable and should never be taken for granted.